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1. februāris - Atbalsta grupa Rīgā, Melnsila ielā 13-1 plkst. 17:30
13. februāris - Ikmēneša sanāksme Liepājā, Veidenbauma ielā 3, 3. stāvā plkst. 17:30
14. februāris - Atbalsta grupa Ventspilī, Jauniešu mājā Kuldīgas ielā 13 plkst. 17:30
15. februāris - Atbalsta grupa Rīgā, Melnsila ielā 13-1 plkst. 17:30


Press releases:



The Oncology Patient Support association “Dzīvības koks” has started the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 program “NGO Fund.” It has been implemented under the “NGO Support Program” project “Support for Patient Society ‘Dzīvības Koks’ activity for promoting the citizenship awareness of patients and their relatives: Participation Double power.” The aim of this project is to encourage patients with chronic diseases (oncology patients) and their relatives in active participation in community activities, civil awareness through participation in democratic and civil process (patient's self-awareness to human need oriented health-care building) at all political levels (national and regional) policy influence and decision-making. Project implementation period: 16.07.2013 until 31.12.2015. Divided in periods over the years.The (monetary) sum of the project is 40 968,10 LVL or 58 292,35 EUR. And the maximum co-financing of the program is 36871,12 LVL or 52 463,12 EUR.

The work schedule of 2013 activities have been ambitious so moving forward with the goal would be possible- encourage patients with chronic diseases (oncological patients) and inform their relatives about active participation in the community activities, civic awareness, through participation in democracy and citizen participation processes (patient's self-awareness to human need oriented health-care building) at all political levels (national and regional) policy influence and decision-making. Oncological diseases affect more than 11 000 people every year in Latvia. More than 64 000 people are in the register, however only 300 to 500 people are active in the patient support association. This means that there has to be step-by-step approach to increase patient and their relative activity.

Therefore the development of the "Dzivibas Koks" network of regional offices is necessary starting with the cities with Oncological Hospitals (Liepaja, Daugavpils). Oncology is the second the most common cause of morbidity and death after cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the association's annual work plan activities are aimed at: 1) to increase the number of member-provided member associations / support groups for their regions in order to ensure the functioning of the association outside of Riga, 2) the involvement of the existing members and activity in-fostering involvement in community activities as volunteers or members, organizing meetings once per month, as well as ensuring a regular flow of information through e-mail lists, and the homepage 3) the involvement of civil society at raising awareness to ensure that patient organizations (patients of the organization), all contribute to the development of the NGO sector as active social and political actors. Also, in the annual work plan; the involvement of different policy instruments to influence policy to follow the process, active participation of NGOs and in corporation with Cabinet memorandum within the Council for an active membership of an NGO consortium that combines NGOs from various industries. Thus promoting cross understanding of the processes as a whole, also, active participation in international organizations and networks, which are an important source of information and understanding of the health care processes as a whole. 4) The annual work plan for the new service - further implementation of psychosocial rehabilitation as a tool to increase the number of members of the association, since the people on rehabilitation programs remain supporters and active member of the association. In 2013 there were 2 psychosocial rehabilitation camps, with at least 48 people in rehabilitation. At the same time the idea of mutual support groups continued to develop, starting from Riga (forming 2 groups) also the regions (at least 4 groups). This means that at least 100 people actively participate in community activities. The work on the creation of the psychosocial rehabilitation center "Speka Avots " in Dignaja, Riga region will continue. The planned work will be achieved within the available funding (donations project), as well as other opportunities will be sought to continue the development of the project. This year it is planned to prepare a complete technical design, starting with the interior renovation (~ 500 m2) as well as the roof reconstruction. To carry out all the planned a lease agreement of the annual work plan with Jēkabpils District council has been signed. 5) To develop psychosocial rehabilitation, as well as overall oncological care quality of provided advocacy (lobbying) activities VM, LM, Parliament, also have a follow up with the changes in legislation to ensure that the quality of life concept defends patient interests.  6) In order to facilitate the understanding of oncology and chronic diseases, as well as providing information on issues related to the association and to provide information to the public it will be maintained on the developed websites such as,, prepared and issued newspaper " Patient voice " (2 issues) which are available in hospitals and health centers. It discusses association activities, is prepared and delivered into at least 4 live stream " Patient Advisor " where industry experts talk about current events; how to live with chronic illness, it will also be made ​​as an informative material "how to live after the diagnosis, gaining knowledge - cancer " to provide the broadest possible information about the diagnosis cancer - patient (what to do if you become aware of the diagnosis) as well as a booklet "Openness of cancer," where the disease will be discussed from a point of view of a family. In general, materials will provide the amount of information that has not been available. 7) Information campaigns and fund-raising activities to inform the public about the risks of breast cancer (pink ribbon month - October) as well as organizing fundraising for the creation of psychosocial rehabilitation center. In general, activities will cover the entire year of 2013, with each information activity; both on national and regional media will be carried out. As well as other NGOs and cooperation institutions, such as, Riga district website. This kind of approach is unique for Latvia. Support groups, regional offices, involvement of policy -making at national and regional levels - no other oncological patient association does this! When talking about the situation in other European Union countries; psychosocial rehabilitation is an integral part of oncology care. Consequently, being a new Member of the Union, it is becoming an increasingly important issue, as it is discussed in international conferences and seminars, such as the breast cancer organizations " Europa Donna " (which the " Tree of Life “ is a member organization of). The implementation of the project and the fact that it has a national character (covers the entire territory of Latvia) is of great importance. Similarly, the importance of informational materials - brochures, web pages, as well as e- mail lists, to which the association issues are being sent. They are popular and necessary as the associations home page view per month is about 3000 unique users, which means that the information is important and necessary. Overall, implementation of the project clearly contributes to both patient self-confidence, increasing of life quality, and promotion of active involvement of civil society at the same time creating the basis for future activities to ensure that oncology patient associations generate new activities.


Rapid Response Brigade

If you do not know how to help yourself or a close person who had just learned the diagnosis "cancer" or somebody who has been trying to cope with the diagnosis for a long time, then you can call the organization "Dzivibas Koks" (phone 67625339), to help with the details. If necessary, our "rapid response team" will listen, arrange a meeting in the hospital or outside the hospital to help, talk, support. Experience-based conversation is priceless!

Seminar: Līdzdalībā dubultspēks!

The seminar “Līdzdalībā dubultspēks” will be hosted by the Oncology Patient Support Society “Dzīvības koks” on December 17, in the EU House (2nd floor conference room), Aspazijas Boulevard 28, from 10:00 to 11:45 EU house. The seminar’s main topic is involving patients’ organizations in the public and policy-making activities.

The goal of the seminar is to discuss the increasing role of patient organizations. Also, another goal is to discuss patients’ active involvement in health care and policy-making process, so that it would be oriented more towards increasing the quality of life. 

In 2013 “Dzīvības koks” has started the support project “Līdzdalībā dubultspēks”. This project has been implemented within the framework of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. program “NGO support program” under the “NGO Fund.” The goal of this project is to increase the oncology patients and their relatives’ awareness and social activity. This project aims not only to promote mutual support building for the patients with chronic diseases, but also to provide informational activities to reduce stereotypes and prejudices about cancer that are prevailing within the society.

Issues about the project, its continuity and the steps to be taken in its implementation will be covered during the seminar. It is also important to discuss the issues that are important for the growth and development of permanent organizations that would take action to ensure both mutual support and that would also act as professional patient advocates.

Topics of the seminar:

- "Līdzdalībā dubultspēks " – project objectives, main activities, "Dzīvības koks" experience - planning, development and goal setting

- The role of the patients’ organizations in the process of developing society’s democratization; how would it be possible for patient organizations to represent their own narrowly focused interests while at the same time participating in the public process as a whole?

- The situation in health care and oncology care; how can the care be improved through mutual cooperation of doctors, patients and health care administrators?

- NGO establishment and motivation for development - mutual support and socialization



Information for media:

"This project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway"

"This part of homepage is funded by EEA Financial Mechanism and Latvian State. "

Project funding and source:
36 871,29 LVL /52463,12 EUR  (95% EEZ Grants and 5% Latvian State)


SPĒKA  AVOTS — onkoloģisko pacientu psihosociālā rehabilitācijas programma
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Dzīvības koks Liepājā
Dzīvības koks Ventspilī

1. februāris - Atbalsta grupa Rīgā, Melnsila ielā 13-1 plkst. 17:30
13. februāris - Ikmēneša sanāksme Liepājā, Veidenbauma ielā 3, 3. stāvā plkst. 17:30
14. februāris - Atbalsta grupa Ventspilī, Ventspils Jauniešu mājā Kuldīgas ielā 13 plkst. 17:30
15. februāris - Atbalsta grupa Rīgā, Melnsila ielā 13-1 plkst. 17:30

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